Lessons from Lockdown: What is the future for digital marketing?

Joelma-Melissa Tavares

Junior Marketing Specialist

In our Lessons from lockdown expert talk, we examined the rapid changes within the digital marketing realm that occurred in the past year and how this has affected marketers across the globe. As many consumers moved online,  businesses faced challenges and trends which forced many to rethink their plans for marketing, data and the products they sell. “We have been through such uncertainty and navigated through the unknown,” states Lloyd, Director and founder of Nara Media.

But which changes will last? And how ready are businesses to cope with the digital challenges that still lie ahead? To help you overcome this digital shift further, we have broken down the expert talk into bitesize chunks.


 The British marketing Market (UK market; Business roadmap)

During the pandemic Consumer use of eCommerce has increased by 25%.In this section, Jose Antonio, CEO of Making Science, summarises the British market and explains how more and more people are shopping online. He further explains how marketing methods have adapted to fit with the change.

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Opportunities for the UK eCommerce companies (2020 overview) 

“In the first 3 months of 2020, we experienced a penetration of eCommerce we would expect in 10 years. Antonio Negro, eCommerce Director at Making Science delves into the rise of eCommerce and how social commerce, synergies created by social media and product purchase has enabled an easier shopping experience for customers. 

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Overview of the digital market in 2020

This section examines how consumer behaviour has changed with a huge shift towards digital and how everyone is communicating online. Lloyd states that “ Waitrose has found that the percentage of older people shopping online went from 8% to 23%.” Many apps and online casino businesses capitalised on the digital shift as more consumers moved online. The panel further discusses how being agile is imperative when it comes to surviving the digital shift. With so many trends and changes occurring your business must be able to adapt and take advantage of them.

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Consumer privacy / The importance of digital privacy and the impact it has on marketers

Carlo Barrati, Head of International Development at Making Science stated that “90% of Making Science’s clients and prospects in the last quarter were preparing themselves for this change. In this section, Carlo Baratti provides insight on dealing with 3rd party cookies and data privacy issues. Many browsers are not accepting 3rd party cookies and this is affecting business and marketers. But by the end of the year tracking across mobile and Google will be much more severely limited – leaving many marketers unable to create personalised ads.

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Carlo recommends “ working on your first-party cookie strategy, improving your database, and thinking about alternative methods to track cookies.”

Conclusively, the change in consumer behaviour & data privacy will contribute highly to the way businesses market their products to consumers. Technology will become more advanced and more challenging. Businesses have to challenge this change and experiment with their methodology.  “Technology is like waves on a beach,” Jose exclaims. There are always new technologies and innovations surfacing, the challenge for marketers is to know how to handle these changes. Ultimately, wisely investing in the best marketing strategy will ensure that your business handles this digital shift well enough to enable your products and services to reach more potential customers.

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